French TV documentary on autism and biomed ignoring problems in France

17/12/2019 – Suzanne Ruhlmann

The video is available here (in French)

My comments and the situation in France


An excellent section on MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), a dangerous product, equivalent to industrial bleach, initially proposed by Jim Humble, a former Scientologist, to cure all kinds of diseases, including cancer and AIDS, and then also by Kerri Rivera more specifically for autism. Thanks to Fiona O’Leary’s activism, courage and hard work in Ireland over the years and her counterparts elsewhere, awareness of these serious abuses is growing, but the battle is not yet won. It should be noted that this product has been responsible for 8 deaths in 5 years in the US, and that in 50 cases, people have almost died.

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What was not mentioned in this TV program is that MMS is promoted in France as well. The former president and founder of Lyme Sans Frontières, Judith Albertat, advocates for the use of MMS, quoting Andreas Kalcker who presents MMS as a remedy to cure autism, to be given in the form of a drink or enema. He distributes videos and has even written a book on MMS. In the same document, Judith Albertat, quotes Klinghardt who claims that « 100% of autistic people have Lyme disease ».

Jim Humble, Kerri Rivera, Andreas Kalcker, promoteurs du MMS

Le Droit de Guérir also advertises MMS : this document is posted on their Website and they allow promotion for this product in their Facebook group.

Both associations actively support Chronimed, a group of doctors who propose to cure autism with a dangerous drug cocktail


Chelation has been mentioned… in Germany, a very different context. There was an injection of glutathione – which is not a chemical chelator, but its use in IV still carries risks.

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(here used for skin whitening)

Nothing is mentioned concerning parents who prescribe dubious tests to other parents, diagnose heavy metal poisoning according to very strange interpretation rules in private Facebook groups in France.

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Left column of the table: heavy metals. right: nutrients based on a hair test. Annotations: overpriced supplements offered to fill alleged deficiencies and sold on the same website

Parents are told to order chemical chelators such as Dmsa, or Dmps on a site in South Africa, to be given for 3 to 6 years

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Dosage of chemical chelators, ordered online, specified in closed Facebook groups

Heavy metal chelation is recognized as a dangerous alternative treatment. A clinical trial on chelation was cancelled when it became known that it caused lasting cognitive problems in animal studies… Despite theses facts, discredited antivax theories motivate some to take unconsidered risks.


The gluten-free and casein-free diet has already been evaluated on several occasions in studies and literature reviews without showing any convincing effect, except in special cases. I do not see the point in proposing other costly and time consuming studies

It seems relatively simple to put into practice. What starting parents don’t know is that this is only the first step towards a diet that excludes almost everything, the GAPS diet, and that can lead to major deficiencies… which may or may not be filled by a multitude of expensive food supplements. But there is a risk of overdose, and there have been cases where a child has landed in the emergency room.

If a diet seems innocuous at first sight, it serves as a showcase for extremist groups in which no one would immediately engage.

Long term antibiotic therapy

A prescription from a a self-proclaimed autism specialist, a Chronimed doctor, is shortly displayed, without further comment. Thousands of children in France have already undergone such strange treatements, which are not devoid of side effects, not to mention the risks. This is nothing else than child abuse.

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azithromycin (macrolid antibiotic + valaciclovir (antiviral) + doxycycline (cycline antibiotic) + fluconazole (antifungal) +  tinidazole (antiparasitic) + bicarbonate + amphotéricine B (antifungal) + Flubendazole (antiparasitic) + Plaquenil = Hydroxychloroquine (antimalarial or to treat rheumatoic arthritis or lupus)

It was about a one-year « treatment » but it can be much more than that.

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Antibiotics for life ?


Public TV in France was not yet ready to investigate on shocking practices by Chronimed doctors, a French exception. In addition to that, we face the same The situation seems to be worse than in other countries because in addition to this, we have also the excesses of the international autism « biomed » movement.